Dr. Rachel Jones 
Dr. Rachel Jones is the owner and lead Veterinarian at Marina Veterinary Center. She exams and provides medical attention to all the Z-Animal Rescue dogs and cats. For more information on Marina Vet, visit marinavet.com

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed animals in need of a meal and medical care.

Lorena Pena
Lorena is an advocate for animals that has joined Z- Animal Rescue for over 10 years She transports animals to Marina Veterinary Center for veterinary care, and helps find the rescued pets forever homes. She also makes sure all pets available for adoption are up to date on core vaccines, dewormed, groomed and ready to get adopted in a forever home.

our leadership team

Foundation History

Snoopy's Corner

                                          Knowledge is Power


 Z-Animal has had many volunteers. We grateful for everyone that has helped out over the years.

Future Vision

Z- Animal would like to build a dog, cat, rabbit, bird sanctuary in Los Angeles where all animals are welcomed and can have a chance to live happily while we help them find a forever home.

Junior Campos
Junior works at Marina Veterinary Center as a Veterinary Technician. He is the financial advisor and marketing lead for Z Animal Rescue. He helps manage donations, website and emails.

Dr. Karen Halligan
Dr. Halligan is the Chief veterinary officer of the Lucy Pet Foundation. She has spayed and neutered numerous pets that Z-Animal Rescue dogs and cats. For more information on the Lucy Pet Foundation, visit www.lucypetfoundation.org 

1988 - Z-Animal started feeding feral cats all       around Los Angeles.

  1. 1999 -Z-Animal meets Dr. Rachel Jones and started a partnership to get the animals rescued medical attention, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.
  2. 2005-Z-Animal Rescue became a  501c non profit organization
  3. 2010 - Dr. Karen Halligan with the Lucy Pet Foundation helps spay and neuter dogs, cats and rabbits that come to Z- Animal Rescue 

2016 150 animals(dogs, cats, birds) are fed daily throughout Los Angeles. 60 pounds of food and a 50-mile route to feed feral homeless cats.

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​Z Animal Rescue - Non-Profit Organization

80,000 animals are euthanized weekly at shelter because there is no room to house everyone that arrives.

tips to help prevent lost pets

  • put a collar with a name tag on your pet's neck
  • microchip
  • spay and neuter
  • All pets require fresh water and food daily and a comfy bed to rest
  • Low income Los Angeles City residents can to schedule a FREE spay and neuter Appointment for their Dogs and Cats. Visit http://www.lucypetfoundation.org 
  • Schedule a high quality FREE*(*qualified residents) SPAY and NEUTER with The Lucy pet foundation for appointments call Toll Free: 855-499-5829 hablamos espanol